Wisdom Teeth Pain Relief Home Remedies

A number of reasons could be the cause of the wisdom teeth pain. Perhaps your wisdom teeth cause infection around your teeth because they are not in a good position in your mouth or have been bent. The wisdom teeth pain should be treated immediately because it can really affect overall oral health. The wisdom teeth pain can suddenly appear overnight without warning. However, sometimes you ignore wisdom teeth pain because it occurs slowly and little by little. You have to find out the ways of wisdom teeth pain relief immediately. The effect of wisdom teeth pain develops a cyst (bag of fluid) around them that can damage teeth tissue, gums, and bones.

However, the wisdom teeth pain should be removed if the tumor is formed around this cyst. The wisdom teeth will permanently damage the surrounding tissue and you will need more invasive surgical extraction procedure if you postpone longer looking for wisdom tooth pain relief.

Bacteria relatively and easily go through a hole around the teeth if your wisdom teeth appear partially from under the gum. You will get an infection if you are not looking for some ways to relieve pain. The infection will result in increased jaw pain, stiffness, redness, swelling, generalized disease, and especially wisdom teeth pain. The oral infection easily enters the bloodstream and affects the whole body.

Here are wisdom teeth pain relief home remedies

1. Warm Salt Water

wisdom teeth pain relief

Salt can help clean the affected tissue area because it has anti-bacterial property. To get rid of the wisdom teeth pain, one of the easiest and most effective ways is to rinse your mouth with warm salt water. Dentists often recommend this medicine as a stop gap until your appointment.

To ensure that the pain relief and the infection do not occur, rinse your mouth with warm salt water. The wisdom teeth pain relief while pregnant can also be healed by this ingredient.

The method is as follows :
• Take hot water about eight ounces, then pour the warm water into a glass.
• It is important to use warm water, not heat. Hot water can affect the soft gum.
• Enter two tablespoons of salt, stir the salt until it is completely dissolved.
• Use salt water that has cooled to warm temperature to rinse.
• Rinse your mouth with the water for a few minutes or as long as you can resist the saltiness, then release it.
• Repeat the process every few hours.
• You will feel relief and you will not feel the pain again.

2. Cloves

The oldest treatment for a toothache is cloves. Clove cannot be defeated and has been used by different cultures around the world to relieve a toothache. When getting rid of a toothache, cloves are the best secret which is used as a medicine. Cloves also provide instant pain relief for a wisdom toothache while breastfeeding.

Here is how cloves treat the wisdom teeth pain:
• Anesthetic property gets rid of the pain.
• Antibacterial and antiseptic properties prevent the infection.

How to use cloves for tooth wisdom pain is:

Method 1
• Bite cloves near the wisdom tooth area and let the oil (eugenol) flows over the gum.
• Chew and release when you feel a bit numb in the wisdom tooth area.

Method 2
• Take clove oil and put it on a cotton ball
• Attach the cotton ball directly to the wisdom teeth and gum which is around the teeth
• Hold the cotton ball in the place until the pain relief
• Repeat this treatment several times per day as needed
• The taste of clove oil is too strong for some people. Therefore, you can mix with a little olive oil. Olive oil makes the aroma easier and dilutes clove oil.

3. Onion

To wisdom teeth pain relief, onion

To wisdom teeth pain relief, onion is a great natural remedy. Anti-cancer and anti-microbial properties in onion are benefits that have been known by many people.

Here is how onion treats wisdom teeth pain:
• Anti-cancer and anti-microbial properties cure wisdom teeth pain.
• Onion contains phytochemicals that target microbes that are responsible for the infection.
• Phytochemicals also give you a rest from pain.

How to use onion for tooth wisdom pain:
• Take an onion, cut into two.
• Place a piece of onion in the affected area or inside of your cheeks where the tooth is sick, it will give you the pain relief.
• Let in your mouth from 10 to 15 minutes and sometimes bite it to extract the juice.
• Brush or rinse by washing the mouth to remove the smell.

4. Peppermint

Peppermint actually has a fresh aroma and an excellent toothache reliever. Peppermint is also known as an excellent pain reliever for wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth pain relief while breastfeeding can also be healed by this peppermint.

Here is how peppermint treats wisdom teeth pain:
• Anesthetic property in onion will greatly reduce pain as well as remove bacteria in the mouth that causes infection.

How to use peppermint treat wisdom teeth pain:

Method 1
• You can take fresh leaves and pack them.
• Bring fresh leaves and put them on the affected area.
• Attach this wrap for at least 20 minutes.

Method 2
• You can also apply it directly to the wisdom tooth by taking a few drops of peppermint extract on cotton.
• Let the cotton in your teeth for a few minutes.
• You must begin to feel relief.

5. Baking Soda Paste

bakingsoda for toothache

The swelling of teeth and wisdom teeth pain while pregnant can be treated with baking soda paste.

Here is how baking soda paste treats wisdom teeth pain:

• Antibacterial property can help clean and keep the tooth from infection.
• The inflammatory property will help reduce the swelling of your troubled tooth and help reduce the pain.

How to use baking soda paste treats wisdom teeth pain:

• Take some toothpaste
• Put into a small container and mix it with baking soda
• You can directly apply it on the affected teeth
• The level of pain should go down in a few minutes

You can also make a visit to see your dentist if you think you may feel the wisdom teeth pain relief. The doctor can determine if your pain is really wisdom teeth pain or not, take the required X-rays, and be able to evaluate the area.

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