Dental Insurance With No Waiting Period

Dental insurance with no waiting period – If you buy a dental insurance plan, then you will be surprised with “waiting period” when you register. Dental insurance plan is different with other regular health insurance plan which will start soon, usually next month. Dental insurance is usually troubled by its registration and services. It is because you have to wait all services are covered. It can take from six months to one year or more.

You can’t refuse to join dental insurance while expensive dental procedures (a series of root canals or bridges). You can’t discontinue your dental insurance plan because you need future dental care. However, for those of you who do not need it now, you’ll be wondering if you need dental insurance with no waiting period, or not? Let’s assume that you really need it because doing research should start from now rather than when you will be having a toothache.

Here you will know how to join dental insurance plans but “waiting time” becomes easy to do.
Dental insurance companies usually set the procedure of dental services into three that is preventive, basic and major.
• The preventive of dental care usually includes x-rays, regular cleanings, routine checkups, and similar treatments.
• The basic procedure is rather uncomplicated services, such as some types of deep cleanings, simple extractions, and patches.
• The main procedure which is called “restorative”, it makes you have several visiting to complete it, and it may take many steps, like dentures and implants, mouth operations, crowns, root canals, and bridges.

Types of Dental Insurance With No Waiting Period

1. Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)

For the option of Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), for some insurance plans, they do not have “waiting period”. Dentists who are in the network of insurance companies usually provide services to members of the insurance. The dentists who provide services but are not participate in the insurance company can also be visited, although it has differences in services and costs.

For prevention services and non-surgical procedures, a plan which is called BlueCare in Blue Cross Blue Share does not have the waiting period. The same thing occurs in United Healthcare’s United Health One. On the other hand, it has the waiting period in surgery of major treatments and restorative.

2. Discount Dental Plan

Technical insurance does not cover discount dental plan. The cost which is a deduction for the dentists who has participated in the insurance company network has been discussed by the organization of insurance company. You have to pay an annual fee to get access to the dentists at the insurance company with the benefits which you want to achieve include the costs. No waiting period is for discount dental plans. You should look for the other sources if you want some options in the insurance company.

3. Group Plan

The dental insurance companies will usually offer no waiting period for group plans. If you want to get profit “no waiting period”, you will not register just yourself. The same privilege you might get in AARP. For the prevention services, it is no waiting period, at least.

The Dental Insurance Providers with No Waiting Period
For one or more services, there are insurance plans without waiting period for the following high dental insurance companies. However, of course, it occurs in certain conditions.

1. Cigna


Nothing can be deducted for this service again. 100% of coverage and no waiting period, Cigna’s Dental 1500 Plan will provide for exams, x-rays, and cleaning. On the other hand, Cigna is not dental insurance with no waiting period for extractions. However, it requires waiting period for six months in the basic restorative procedure. One year waiting period is for major restorative services. However, if you have a proof of acceptable dental insurance, the waiting period will be issued. You will get one-time $ 50 of compensation from the $ 1,000 the benefits of life orthodontia.

Cigna Dental 1500
• For Individual Calendar Year Deductible, $ 50 per person (waived for prevention services) in DPPO Advantage Network, and $ 50 per person (waived for prevention services) in Out-of-network.
• For Family Calendar Year Deductible, $ 150 per family (waived for preventive services) in DPPO Advantage Network, and $ 150 per family (waived for preventive services) in Out-of-network.
• For Calendar Year Benefit Maximum, $ 1,500 per person in DPPO Advantage Network, and $ 1,500 per person in Out-of-network.
• For Separate individual lifetime orthodontia deductible, $ 50 in DPPO Advantage Network, and $ 50 in Out-of-network.

2. Delta Dental

delta dental individual plan coverage

• Covered 100% for type I services. For type, I that are diagnostic and preventive services include examination, cleaning, and X-rays, Delta PPO Direct and PPO Direct Plus do not have waiting period
• Six months of waiting period and 70% coverage for type II services.
• Waiting period from 12 to 24 months and covering 30% for type III services (main procedures, including crowns and dentures). Because of that, Delta Dental is not dental insurance with no waiting period for dentures.

3. Humana Dental Plans

humana dental

Each country has various determinate in Humana Dental Plans. For any service, there is no waiting period for some plans. For extractions and the basic type of oral surgery, you have to wait six months for other services. There is no waiting period, even for mouth operations for The Humana One Dental Loyalty Plus plan that provides immediate service in insurance coverage. Humana Dental Plan is dental insurance with no waiting period for oral surgery. “Catch” is where the amount of supported and percentages are lower in early year and increases progressively each year, up to the maximum amount in the third year.

4. Spirit Dental


Spirit Dental provides full coverage for all classes and services without waiting period. Spirit Dental is dental insurance with no waiting period for fillings. However, it depends on where you live. It may take a moment to wait for orthodontia services. The state rules the coverage of Spirit Dental insurance companies, ranging from Spirit MaxCare Silver to Spirit MaxCare Gold to Spirit Dental Indemnity Gold. Depending on the cost you pay, the percentage of service cost is covered by the insurance company increases every year in three years. This will be adjusted to higher annual maximum rate.

5. Physicians Mutual


You may want to consider the dental plans which are offered by Physicians Mutual if you live where have cheap dental care or rarely require a big dental procedure. Policies in Physicians Mutual, it does not have preventative care lifetime. On the other hand, it takes 12 months for intensive care and three months for basic care. No matter where you live, based on the plan you choose, the company will pay the set amount for each service procedure.

6. Denali Dental

denali dental

Coverage (based on the dues you paid) and increase coverage every year based on the insurance you have offered by Denali in accordance with applicable policies. Denali is almost the same as Spirit Dental. The country where you live will arrange coverage which is provided by the company including the varying costs and services.

You can see more options of the other companies by searching “dental insurance”, like those which are available at Dental Insurance Store. There you can choose Dental Insurance with no waiting period. Do not wait for your toothache before starting the search.

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