Same Day Dental Implant And Tooth Extraction

Replacing a tooth in just one day or same day dental implant is a revolutionary dental implant technique. It is also called with Direct Function which is performed by implant specialists. Now you will smile yet again quickly and efficiently because you do not have to sit for long in dental office and put on painful dentures when you need to replace one tooth, double teeth or all your teeth.

With pleasure in less than 24 hours, you will have aesthetically teeth due to Direct Function. You do not have to wait for months to get restoration which is supported by the implant to heal your teeth.

I. What is Same Day Dental Implant?

The implant is used to replace a tooth which is extracted, chipped, or cracked. In order that bone grows around the implant and hold in the jaw tightly, the implant often requires three months of waiting period. Temporary denture or bridge is usually used during this waiting period.

However, it is possible to reduce this waiting period with an appearance of medical technology and science. For missing a front tooth, an implant may be placed immediately to the extraction site for the patient. That is called same day tooth extraction. However, this is not always possible for a back tooth. It is possible to allow partial loading immediately after surgery if the implant is embedded strongly inside the bone.

For 3 hours after the surgery, a temporary tooth that looks aesthetic in certain cases can be presented with the newest computer help techniques. In the early weeks after the initial surgery, when the original bone that is embedded by the implant will be reabsorbed with a new bone to be formed, the patient is advised to do not chew the implant.

II. The procedure of Same day Tooth Replacement with Dental Implants

Same Day Dental Implant

To make the procedure of same day tooth replacement with dental implants or same day dental implant be successful, the dentists or team need to consider three parts of the procedure including how you will see your new teeth at the early healing stage.

Here is the procedure:
1. Removing existing teeth and roots.
2. Placing implants simultaneously. The implant will be a part of a new tooth root.
3. Crown placement. The crown is the new tooth which is on top of the tooth and connected to the implant you see in your mouth.

1. First of all, in order that the tooth socket which is the bone which supports the tooth is not damaged, your broken tooth should be removed very carefully. Tooth socket will be a receptor site for clear choice dental implants. May be you have to stop the procedure rather than take a bad risk which may cause a gum recession if there is a bone from the socket which is damaged or missed.

2. Secondly, placing the implant which is so stable and not moving in the bone is important. A combination of particular titanium surface of the implant and a process which is called osseointegration (bone fusion) is to heal the bone around the implant. The only way to stabilize the implant is by penetrating the apex of a socket of the upper front tooth which is cone-shaped and attaching it to the bone in this area.

It is almost like stabilizing a screw in a drilled wooden hole that is too large. To stabilize it, pull the screw out of the length and width of the wooden hole. A bone will grow, cross a remaining gap, and heal by fusing on the implant if the implant is installed properly and carefully.

3. A crown will be attached to the implant either directly or indirectly on the abutment – the intermediate part where the crown is cemented.

III. Types of implant

types of dental implants

Talk to your dentist a choice of which affordable dental implants are the best if you believe it can work for you. There are several types of implants.

Implant types include:
1. Single tooth replacement is an implant replaces only one tooth.
2. Posterior replacement is the implants replace back teeth
3. Full lower replacement is the implants replace the lower teeth. This is also called “Teeth-in-Day”.
4. Anterior replacement is the implants replace the front teeth. This is also called Same Day Dental Implant Denture or one-day dental implants.
5. Full upper replacement is the implants replace the full upper teeth.

This is also called Same Day Dental Implant Denture.

IV. Implant Dentistry Office

Cheap dental implants and implant dentures are also assisted by advanced digital treatment Aid. 3D models of the upper and lower jaws begin to be made before treatment with the CT scanner. The dentist will determine the best angle and the best implant placement to guarantee the best result of this scan. Even patients with low bone quality can still get the treatment they want because the dentist can place the implant at the right angle.

For the placement immediately, the lab will make your complete dental bridge or crown while your implant is added to your mouth. You can leave dental office with a new smile because you will have both replacement tooth and dental implant when you are finished with treatment.

You can go home with natural-looking teeth, stay healthy, and leave your seat with only one visit because of this same day dental implant. You will speak clearly, smile, laugh, and eat immediately. Implant teeth will be as strong as natural teeth when the implant is healed completely.

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